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Data centre PUE calculator

How efficient is your data centre?

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a standard that many data centres use to measure the energy efficiency of their facility. Put simply, PUE is a ratio of the amount of power needed to run and cool your data centre compared to the power used by the IT equipment within your data centre.

Before you can begin to improve your data centre’s efficiency, you need to understand your current PUE score. Fill in the fields below to calculate your data centre’s PUE.

Use our calculator to understand your current PUE score today and receive advice from our experts on how to improve it.

To achieve maximum efficiency, and keep your energy costs and carbon emissions to a minimum, you should aim to optimise your PUE score by reducing the amount of energy used to do anything other than run your IT equipment.

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Step 3: View your savings

Based on the information you have given us, we’ve calculated that you could save up to £0 per year*.

You can achieve these savings by making some simple changes to the way you use energy. For expert advice on how to improve your PUE and generate savings, read our dedicated guide. We’ve also sent a copy to your inbox along with your results.

*Based on acheiving a PUE score of 1.2

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