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Cornwall Insight’s number one ranked energy advisor for industrial and commercial consumers 2018 – 2023.

Today’s partner for a better tomorrow

We help our clients by managing all aspects of their energy and sustainability programme through the lens of what we refer to as the 4Cs of Cost, Consumption, Carbon and Compliance.

These “4Cs” are the major challenges our clients face and cornerstones of the services we deliver.  Find out more about how our four areas of expertise can help you solve the 4Cs:  

Given the high energy prices, the value of optimal energy buying and accurate billing becomes increasingly important as any errors become business-critical.

Our qualified risk managers and procurement specialists will assist your business in mitigating price threats through tailored risk management strategies, whilst taking advantage of opportunities to reduce costs.

Then our energy accounting analysts make sure you only pay for what your business truly uses.

Find out more about our Energy Assurance Services.

ESG disclosures are now a revenue-critical item for businesses to both retain existing and win new customers and when looking to secure new investment.

We help your organisation set and implement clear plans to improve your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance.

We cover a range of regulatory metrics, so you can make comprehensive and accurate disclosures, agnostic to all reporting frameworks.

Find out more about our ESG Services.

Our energy efficiency and carbon experts analyse the data we capture to spot opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions which meets your return on capital requirements.

We can then either find a financing plan for you or act as a turn-key solution provider managing your project from start to finish.

Find out more about our Energy Optimisation Services.

Our proprietary software platform underpins our Assurance, ESG and Optimisation services.

It acts as our service enabler by converting unstructured data into structured datasets and powers the online reporting tools.

This means your business can make informed decisions about where to direct your budget, resources and efforts.

Find out more about our Software Services.

In numbers

We’ve been ranked the UK’s number one commercial energy advisor since 2018 for a reason. Our strength in numbers gives clients the peace of mind they need.

Inspired PLC | 650 experts

experts available

Inspired PLC | 3500 clients

clients served

Inspired PLC | 275000 meters managed

meters managed

Inspired PLC | £3bn cost controlled

cost controlled

Inspired PLC | 30TWh volume procured

volume procured

Inspired PLC | £513m refunds secured

refunds secured

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We practice what we preach

We intend to lead by example and our approach is informed by both mandatory and voluntary ESG disclosures. The following reports help to explain our position and performance on matters that are important to Inspired and its stakeholders. 

View our ESG reports and disclosures

London Stock Exchange's Green Economy Mark

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Whether improving your energy efficiency, navigating wholesale markets or taking strides towards net-zero, an expert partner like Inspired is key.


We’re home to over 650 engineers, relationship managers, analysts and more. If you want to be Inspired, look no further.


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