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Creating value in the present and future economy.

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Creating value for our stakeholders

We’re dedicated to our clients’ success, helping them thrive in this challenging and continually evolving landscape.
By seeking to bring new clients on board and enhancing our services for existing ones, we aim to maximise the value we provide to our clients across all our business units.

We’ve set targets across the next four years, during which we aspire to double our EBITDA organically. By maintaining our position as a market leader in the UK and Ireland, we’re ensuring that our clients continue to receive the highest standards of service and innovation.

But our impact goes far beyond that, rippling out to benefit our colleagues, our community, and other stakeholders. By choosing Inspired, our clients are choosing a partner committed to their growth and the greater good.


Our purpose

To create value for our stakeholders in the present and future economy. We do this by considering the needs of our clients and enabling them to manage and benefit from the global transition to net-zero.

Our vision

To be the client-focused leader of energy and sustainability services in the UK. We are confident that our focus on the delivery of our four business units will lead to continued success and growth.

Our strategic priorities

To achieve our purpose, we consider our strategy from an economic, environmental and social perspective.


We’re dedicated to enhancing our customer service to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty.

As trusted advisors, we build C-suite relationships and seize opportunities presented by key macro themes – energy crisis defence, ESG and net-zero – and implement solutions that drive actual results.


We strive to surpass expectations, not just meet them, as evidenced by our aspiration to double our EBITDA organically by 2027 and achieve net-zero for Scope 1, 2 and 3 by 2050. Our commitment to growth extends across all divisions.

We’ve proudly received the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark since 2020, recognising our contribution to a more sustainable economy and our commitment to delivering long-term sustainable success.


In a dynamic landscape, we guide clients at every step. With our proprietary platform, we manage their sustainability data efficiently and deliver services with precision. We are committed to expanding our offering to align with their needs.

We deploy Capex for 6–8 new technology solutions annually and have a proven track record of strategic acquisitions to further enhance our capability and provide more comprehensive solutions where appropriate.

Our operating model

As we help clients meet their net-zero challenge, we focus on maximising client lifetime value (CLV) through a full suite of sustainability services. We have a model that delivers compound growth with recurring revenues through technology-enabled Assurance and ESG Services and re-occurring repeatable demand for Optimisation Services.

Our operating model to maximise CLV has six fundamentals and can be summarised as:

ESG strategy

We are transparent in what we do, providing annual updates on our progress towards our targets.

As a service provider helping businesses deliver market-leading ESG disclosures, it is important that the Group is at the forefront of ESG performance. Our ESG strategy is summarised below. During FY23, the Group made good progress towards its ESG objectives, which can be found on our ESG performance page.


  • Prepare and implement required actions for the emerging ESG disclosure mandates in the UK and Ireland.
  • Improve business processes to allow better management of Supply Chain, Waste Management and Water Management to allow acceleration in delivering net‑zero carbon, ensuring 80% of suppliers by spend are making a TCFD disclosure or equivalent by 2025.
  • Review the office estate and rationalise to locations that have the potential to deliver absolute net-zero carbon on a location basis.
  • Deliver a 25% reduction in water use and replace or remove single-use plastic by 2025.
  • Reduce paper usage by 50% and recycle 90% of paper by 2025.
  • Achieve net-zero through absolute Scope 1 and 2 reduction on a location basis by 50% by 2030 versus 2019 and in total by 2035. Net-zero for Scope 1, 2 and 3 by 2050.


  • Review learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic, work collaboratively with employees to implement “flexible working practices” and invest in further IT infrastructure to create a best-in-class remote working environment.
  • Develop a STEM Scholarship programme with a diversity and inclusion focus and create a training/apprenticeship programme to support individuals from low-income households to develop the required technical skills to work in a low-carbon economy.
  • Create a programme to scale charitable contributions from the organisation in proportion to business growth and launch the Inspired Foundation which will receive donations for products that we share with clients.
  • Implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals within the business culture and increase supplier engagement on ESG topics, including reviewing our Supplier Code of Conduct, taking into consideration the Ethical Trading Initiative and ILO conventions.

“The ‘new normal’ created by the energy crisis and ESG becoming a revenue centric item for most businesses has accelerated demand for the Group’s products and services.”

Mark Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer

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