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Reduce energy overheads with more effective procurement and management solutions.

Complete control

With prices for electricity, gas and other fuels expected to face more unpredictability in the coming years, taking control of how you buy, account for and optimise your energy is critical.

As the UK’s leading energy consultancy, our experts can offer comprehensive support in all your energy needs. Whether you want to build a procurement strategy, manage your costs or become more energy efficient, Inspired’s energy consultants are here to support you.


Managing costs and compliance

Fluctuations in the price of electricity, gas and other fuels can dramatically affect business success. As such, many organisations now see energy as a key part of their overall business strategy.

An effective energy strategy reduces corporate risk, improves sustainability credentials and boosts commercial resilience, protecting your bottom line and supply chain partnerships.

Our suite of cost management and compliance solutions include:

Whether you are trying to improve budget, price optimisation, or another combination of objectives, our team of market analysts, risk managers and assurance analysts can secure the right solution for your organisation.

Reducing consumption

With fluctuating market volatility and increasing non-commodity charges, there’s never been a better time to control and reduce energy consumption.

It’s crucial you can see where and why you’re using energy so that you can make informed decisions to improve energy efficiency and ultimately cut costs. You can also reduce grid dependency through on-site and off-site renewable technology, which help to stabilise your costs and reduce your carbon emissions.

We have a range of energy management solutions to help you meet your commercial goals:

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