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Reduce what you pay and use with our water management solutions.

Water savings on tap

Water is often referred to as the forgotten utility. Businesses naturally focus on electricity and gas costs, but managing how you buy, use and account for your water is just as important. Our water experts have generated millions of pounds in savings through comprehensive procurement, efficiency and monitoring services. 


Buying water

Since market deregulation in 2017, most businesses in the UK have saved money. So far, however, only a small percentage of eligible companies have chosen a water retailer or set up as a self-supplier.

For organisations with geographically diverse portfolios, securing a retail contract allows you to deal with just one supplier, saving time and money.

Eligible businesses may also set up as a self-supplier and save money on water and wastewater by purchasing water and wastewater directly from the wholesaler. A self-supply licence means that you take control of all customer-facing activities, including meter readings, query resolution and billing.

Download your water guide

Our Water Management guide contains all you need to know about water efficiency, tackling excessively high water bills and optimising your approach to water.


Is a borehole right for your business?

A water borehole (private well) is a hole drilled in the ground to access underground water reservoirs known as aquifers.

Learn the benefits of a private water supply, what borehole water can be used for and read our FAQs here.

Managing water costs and consumption

Managing water contracts and tracking your usage can be challenging and time-consuming for organisations.

In addition to cost-saving generated by water procurement, we also help you save money through water management, identifying wastage and improving efficiency.  

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