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Helping energy-intensive businesses save money and reduce emissions.

Making sense of energy for manufacturers

Utility costs are a challenge for manufacturers and industrial companies operating in globally competitive marketplaces. Businesses in these sectors also face increasing pressure to reduce emissions and adhere to burdensome compliance standards.

We offer agile procurement solutions, levy relief support and energy reduction programmes to support energy-intensive operations, helping your organisation reduce costs and build sustainability into your operations.

Mitigating unprecedented energy costs

Energy is one of the highest overheads for manufacturing and industrial businesses. Volatility in the price of electricity, natural gas and other fuels can have a huge impact on the profitability and success of your business.

Finding ways to mitigate unprecedented energy costs has never been more important for manufacturers. In the last three decades, the sector has led the drive towards sustainability. For these organisations, cutting carbon emissions isn’t just about protecting the environment. It can help unlock competitive advantages like reduced costs, more efficient processes and reputational benefits.

Our industry experience

We specialise in supporting manufacturing and industrial businesses across:


Manufacturing Net-Zero Roadmap

We have worked closely with Make UK to create a manufacturing-specific Net-zero Roadmap, designed to guide businesses through their complex decarbonisation journey.

The roadmap has been developed in consultation with some of the major manufacturing sub-sectors and offers clear direction and highlights the major milestones required to reach the UK’s 2050 net-zero goal.

It aims to encourage manufacturing businesses to take the first successful steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.

“Inspired is a company I trust, their approach is excellent and they have delivered year-on-year. Their knowledge of the energy business is excellent, I value their judgement in finding solutions that are innovative but still deliver the best results for our business. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Ian Hutcheson, Head of NPR Procurement, Bombardier

“From the outset, we recognised the complexities of the utility sector and engaged with the team without hesitation. It quickly transpired that Inspired’s knowledge and experience would prove invaluable in respect of resolving our dispute and they have repeatedly demonstrated their worth, delivering a first class service. We are confident that Inspired are able to address any utility-related issues and we would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

Tony Wynne, Financial Director, Libra Seafoods 

Find out more

Learn how Inspired helped Atec on their journey towards a net-zero future.

Case studies

From perfecting procurement strategies to implementing net-zero action plans, here’s how we support the manufacturing sector in practice.


Libra Seafoods

Link to Libra Seafoods

Fuchs Lubricants

Link to Fuchs Lubricants

Perspex International

Link to Perspex International

Direct Table Foods

Link to Direct Table Foods

Hymec Aerospace (UK)

Link to Hymec Aerospace (UK)

Carbon and energy management

Link to Carbon and energy management

A tailored end-to-end service

We work with over 500 manufacturers to help purchase their energy, check their bills for any errors and to improve efficiency across sites, implementing low-carbon alternatives and on-site generation. We support manufacturers’ goals of reducing carbon emissions and energy costs, whilst remaining profitable as they transition to a net-zero future.

Dan Hulme
Dan Hulme
Head of Sales

“During the peak of the energy market crisis, manufacturers were looking to understand how to reduce their energy costs and many turned to efficiency measures to allow this. We can support the sector across all their energy and sustainability challenges.”

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