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Facilities and operations

Working as your dedicated energy and sustainability resource.

Support to help you create a high-performing portfolio

Energy and sustainability may only form a small part of your day job as a facilities and operations manager, but the cost pressures associated with each mean they can absorb much of your time, effort – and budget.

With the demands of your group operational responsibilities, we know that your time is in short supply. That’s why our team knows how to work alongside you with minimal input, freeing you up to focus on your core role while we take care of the rest.

How we help

We’ll extend your in-house team and act as your dedicated energy and sustainability resource, introducing our tools and systems to make sure you have complete control and visibility of your data and portfolio.

We will remove the worry about which sites are your responsibility or not and then ensure you buy your energy well, only pay for what for you use and make the necessary inroads into your carbon reduction efforts.

Why Inspired?

  • We add to what you’re already doing, so you’re free you to focus on your core role
  • We take unstructured data and organise it consistently to give you one version of the truth
  • We make sure all your sites are correctly added and removed from contracts and connected on time to avoid any unnecessary costs
  • We help you to find the ideal buying solution for your business and make sure you are protected from any supplier overcharging
  • We can monitor and measure performance at asset, meter, site and estate level helping you identify and correct any energy wastage, even going ‘behind the meter’ with circuit-level monitoring
  • With our own software, we digitise and visualise all your site performance metrics and provide relevant reports to drive business efficiencies.

From our case studies

Discover how we help facilities and operations managers meet their energy and sustainability objectives.

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