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Cost control

Control utilities costs and mitigate the impact of energy price increases

With energy costs subject to sudden market movements, your business could be exposed to unexpected financial pressure – especially if your energy use is high.

We help you identify opportunities to save on your energy use and recover incorrect supplier and network charges to help bolster your current finances.


Wide-ranging support to control costs

Our support extends beyond sourcing a new energy contract. We help reduce your energy spend and mitigate future price rises through an optimised energy wholesale purchasing strategy, keep you informed about changes to network costs and environmental levies, and manage relationships with your supplier to help resolve any niggles before they become problems.

And you can rest assured we’re completely independent from any supplier, meaning we always look to source the most appropriate supply contract for your business.

How we help

Our extensive solutions will help you control and reduce your costs by:

  • Making sure you only pay suppliers for what you use
  • Sourcing your best value supply contract
  • Managing energy price risks
  • Complying with public procurement rules
  • Obtaining levy exemptions from energy bills
  • Optimising water costs
  • Recouping refunds on billing errors
  • Recharging accurate utility costs
  • Recovering historical billing overcharges
  • Identifying energy wastage

Case studies

Discover how we’ve helped our clients to cut costs, reduce their energy spend, and mitigate the impact of any future price rises.


Gatwick Airport

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Malmaison & Hotel du Vin

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Libra Seafoods

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Hand Picked Hotels

Hand Picked Hotels

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“Operating costs for UK businesses right now are at an all-time high, while companies are expected to maintain their service and delivery levels on the same or a lessened budget. And while utilities are a cost-intensive resource, there are several areas and ways to make significant financial savings. That’s where we can help.”

Michael Dent, Managing Director: Assurance Services

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