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Net-zero and carbon reduction.


Epta UK Limited are a leading supplier of commercial refrigeration and air condition equipment, providing turnkey solutions for some of the UK’s well-known retailers.

Committed to being a sustainable leader in the market, Epta UK’s offer includes the design, manufacture, installation, service and maintenance of refrigerated solutions.

Epta began its CSR reporting back in 2010. With a wide range of energy-efficient products and systems, which are all available with natural refrigerant and the development of their innovative FTE patented technology. Epta’s key focus is being a green transition enabler for their customers, striving to reduce the impact they have on their environment.

Epta’s manufacturing process is energy and carbon-intensive and the associated emissions from transport also contribute significantly to the company’s carbon footprint. Thus, Epta was compelled to demonstrate its understanding of its footprint, the steps they are taking to reduce it, and what measures they are taking to limit its environmental impact.


While Epta had identified an ambition to decarbonise and set in place a plan to achieve net zero, they required expert support to:

  • Create a robust carbon footprint baseline (Scope 1, 2 and 3) and put in place ongoing performance tracking.
  • Comply with regulatory compliance schemes – Streamline Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) annually and Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) Phase 3.
  • Understand their opportunities to reduce carbon footprint through efficiency measures, decarbonisation projects and the potential for self-generation.
  • Understand the decarbonisation solutions that suit its organisation, as well as produce a strong business case and the practical steps to implement them and develop a net-zero plan.
  • Communicate to their supply chain how they are limiting their environmental impact and what actions or plans they have in place for further reduction in the future.
  • Achieve ISO 50001 accreditation.
  • Review the opportunity to claim energy tax exemption through approved government schemes for specific manufacturing processes.


Inspired worked closely with Epta to scope out a net-zero toolkit that would meet their needs whilst helping to improve their competitive advantage in the market space and satisfy their clients’ requests.

Inspired began working with Epta to capture their data to create their carbon baseline. In particular, their Scope 3 data. This involved a session with key Epta stakeholders.

Scope 3 is a complex subject and Epta has spent a lot of time improving their knowledge through engaging Inspired Q&A sessions. This ongoing, collaborative learning approach has already led to improvements in their data quality.

Whilst this part of the project was underway, Inspired attended the Epta sites to identify key decarbonisation opportunities that would later support Epta in creating their plan of action to reduce their environmental impact at their sites. These audits allowed Inspired to identify a further opportunity to help Epta claim back and benefit in future from energy tax exemption.



saved over the 5-year project

£83,000 energy tax rebate

Robust carbon footprint baseline

Dedicated energy consultancy


This resulted in a rebate being secured in excess of £83,000 and projected a forward saving of up to £150,000 over the 5 year project.

The savings realised are now supporting Epta’s future investment in carbon reduction projects and helping to mitigate volatile energy market prices.

The Inspired team continue to work closely with the Epta team to develop their net-zero targets, strategy and action plan which will result in a detailed roadmap to net-zero.

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