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Fuchs Lubricants

A solar PV installation to save both money and CO2.

Fuchs requested a second opinion before embarking on a solar PV installation at their manufacturing facility, choosing us to manage a turnkey solution.

Fuchs is the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer, supplying superior products and services to many diverse market sectors. Their UK manufacturing site is based in the heart of Henley, Stoke-on-Trent.

As a major producer of lubricants and industrial fluids, Fuchs is fully committed to producing high-quality products whilst striving to reduce their environmental impact in purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, waste generation, energy consumption and disposal.


The manufacturer began looking into the development of a renewable energy strategy.

Having been approached by an installer for their Hanley site, Fuchs considered the installation of Solar Photovoltaics (PV) which would offer easy installation with minimal impact to the business and operations.

After receiving a proposal for a 900kWp installation, Fuchs had a number of questions about the capability of the proposed technology.


Unsure of the information provided by their installer, Fuchs requested a second opinion on the facts and figures detailed in the Solar PV proposal.

As an existing procurement client, Fuchs were keen to seek advice from our renewable specialists. Inspired completed an initial technology feasibility study, managed the procurement process and implemented a tender exercise which included a detailed evaluation and recommendation of shortlisted installers.

A staged approach was adopted so that if the project was deemed to be unviable then Fuchs had the option not to continue.

This also involved organising a number of installers to visit the site in order to minimise the additional costs that are often built in for ‘just in case’ situations. We went on to oversee the 6-week installation of 2001 roof-mounted solar panels and acted as a liaison between the client and installer.

190 tonnes

of CO2 saved annually

420,000 kWh produced annually – 13% of the site’s annual electricity consumption

Solar PV investment

Sustainability and environmental credentials

“We were interested in renewable technologies but sought the advice of Inspired as our energy partner to ensure that we were making the right decision.”

Manufacturing Director


We provided impartial advice on the suitability of the proposed installation and the feasibility study found that a 530kWp system would be more appropriate to the requirements of the site as opposed to the 900kW system proposed by the original installer.

  • The installed panels are estimated to produce 420,000kWh annually, representing 13% of the sites annual electricity consumption, with minimal generation being exported back to the grid.
  • By investing in this Solar PV system, Fuchs will save 190 tonnes of CO2 annually and be able to communicate this to their supply chain promoting their sustainability and environmental credentials.

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