Significant Shareholders (as of 14th November 2021)

Shareholder Number of Shares Held %
Gresham House Asset Management 200,902,398 20.61%
Fidelity International 81,795,741 8.39%
Premier Miton Investors 76,278,294 7.82%
Business Growth Fund 74,566,162 7.65%
Regent Gas Holdings Ltd 72,687,101 7.46%
Slater Investments Ltd 61,045,408 6.26%
Chelverton Asset Management 59,800,000 6.13%
Tellworth Investments 59,532,239 6.11%
Otus Capital Management 35,573,944 3.65%
Artemis Investment Management 30,562,612 3.14%
Inspired Energy EBT 29,115,000 2.99%
Mark Dickinson 2,539,310 0.26%
Paul Connor 1,000,000 0.10%
Richard Logan 459,828 0.05%
Sangita Shah 128,205 0.01%

Securities Information

Exchanges and Platforms

Inspired PLC’s ordinary shares are admitted to trading on AIM, a marketplace regulated by the London Stock Exchange. A copy of Inspired PLC’s AIM Admission Document is made publicly available.

Securities in Issue (as of 14th November 2021)

The total number of ordinary shares in issue is 974,862,927. The Company’s voting ordinary share capital is therefore 974,862,927 shares.

Securities not in Public Hands (as of 14th November 2021)

So far as the Company is aware, the percentage of Inspired PLC’s ordinary shares that are not in public hands is 24.02%.

Restrictions on Transfer

There are currently no restrictions on the transfer of securities.