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Board Gender Diversity Policy

1. Statement

We recognise that having a board composed of men and women with the relevant blend of differing skills, experience, perspectives, age and characteristics, leads to a more robust understanding of opportunities, issues and risks; stronger decision-making; and are better equipped to provide oversight and governance.

We are committed to improving the gender representation of our board, and commit to working diligently to implement concrete actions to effect change. We will:

  • Set measurable objectives to achieve better gender diversity.
  • Ensure the board’s composition considers the balance of skills, experience, perspectives and characteristics in alignment with the strategic needs of the business and the environment in which it operates. In doing so, the board will consider all measurable objectives for improving gender diversity and make recommendations to the board.
  • When recruiting new directors, the board will search beyond the networks of existing board members, and commit to using outside help until such times as the diversity objectives are achieved.
  • If using a search firm, the nominating committee will direct the search consultant to deliver a gender-balanced slate of ‘equally qualified’ potential candidates. If for any reason, the search firm indicates that it cannot provide a gender balanced slate the board will request that the firm produce a detailed written report as to why it couldn’t and the exact process the search firm engaged in to find such candidates.

2. Objective

We undertake to ensure that by the by 31st December 2023, to have a board composition where each gender represents at least 37.5% and maintain this level into the future.

3. Board Gender Diversity Policy Review

The ESG Performance Committee will review this policy annually including an assessment of its effectiveness, and will discuss any revisions that may be required and recommend any such revisions to the board for approval.

Approval date
1st March 2023

Next review date
Currently under Board review

Approved and authorised by
Mark Dickinson
Chief Executive Officer

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