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Investment-related GHG emissions – Partnership Carbon Accounting
Financials (PCAF)

PCAF outlines a clear methodology for financial institutions to track and
disclose their greenhouse gas emissions.

The Partnership Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) have produced specific guidance on calculating emissions associated with a business’s investments.

Part of Scope 3 – Category 15, as defined by the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, an investor should account for their share of their investments’ emissions.

Inspired’s ESG consultants follow the PCAF guidance for all applicable asset classes to quantify a company’s Scope 3 – Category 15 (investment) emissions.

Inspired’s approach

We start by understanding what asset class your investments relate to, for example, mortgages, motor financing, or private equity.

We then work with you to understand the data available related to each asset class and to develop a data collection and calculation approach.

We will then make recommendations to improve the quality and accuracy of the data collection and calculations.

Once received, our ESG consultants will quantify investment-related emissions and allocate these back to the investor based on an appropriate attribution factor.

Key deliverables

Inspired’s Scope 3 emissions inventory service typically takes four months from kick-off to delivery. The first two months comprise of data collection while the latter two months involve the Scope 3 calculations and Carbon Balance Sheet report production.

Inspired will present the investment-related emissions as part of a Carbon Balance Sheet report. The report will include all applicable Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, hotspot analysis, and a summary of methodologies used.

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Kristina Beadle
Kristina Beadle
ESG Director

“At Inspired, we focus on solving our clients’ toughest sustainability challenges and publish comprehensive ESG disclosures by managing data comprehensively, offering expert insight and providing advisory services to reduce carbon efficiently.”

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Scope 3 emissions inventory
Inspired’s ESG consultants will calculate a business’s applicable Scope 3 emissions, as per the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol guidance. Categories 1 to 14 of the GHG Protocol guidance cover non-investment-related emissions and should be calculated alongside investment-related emissions (Category 15).

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