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Perspex International

A flexible procurement solution to take advantage of market volatility.

Moulding clear savings through Inspired’s flexible procurement solution.

Established in 1934, Perspex International is one of the world’s leading producers of acrylic sheet products. Manufactured within the UK, but with a global distribution network, their commitment to quality and innovation has led to the PERSPEX® brand becoming a household name.

Taking advantage of market volatility

Once we had gathered a thorough understanding of the client’s energy needs, their risk profile and overall goals, we recommended a procurement strategy which would allow the client to take advantage of market fluctuations, under the expert guidance of our risk managers.

By assessing wholesale market conditions, our procurement experts were able to deliver a flexible risk-managed strategy (RMS) which resulted in significant year-on-year savings for electricity and gas.

Our initial gas tender resulted in an annual saving of 7% on their previous supplier costs. Further savings have been made through our trading performance, translating to a huge saving of £380k. On their electricity supply, we managed to negotiate a saving of 16%, with our trading strategy resulting in a £110k wholesale-only saving based on trading performance.

We’re completely independent

Our expert team is on hand to help you take the optimum approach to energy procurement. We’ve been delivering innovative, risk-managed energy procurement solutions for over twenty years, which gives us the experience and expertise needed to provide you with best-in-class procurement advice and support.

We have full visibility of the market, which means we’ll be able to find the ideal flexibility solution for your business. We can also offer a portfolio approach for businesses with smaller volumes (<4GWh on electricity and <10GWh on gas).



savings per annum for electricity and gas

Saving 7% on previous supplier gas costs

Negotiated a saving of 16% on electricity supply

Significant year-on-year savings for electricity and gas

“The energy-intensive nature of the manufacturing process can make organisations in this sector a target for the Environment Agency – therefore it is crucial that compliance obligations are managed effectively and with complete scrutiny. We were able to help the client with their ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) Phase 2 assessment, undertaking a complete energy audit to identify long term energy and cost savings.”

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