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Flexible risk managed solutions

Taking advantage of price drops

Businesses can choose from thousands of different energy products. One of the first choices you will need to make is between fixed and flexible procurement.

Choosing a flexible risk managed contract means you will make multiple purchasing decisions throughout the life of your contract. The price you pay at each juncture will vary depending on the market at the time of purchase.

Complete cost transparency

A flexible contract gives you complete visibility over the various supplier and industry costs, as well as the raw cost of your gas and electricity. And because you’re purchasing directly from the wholesale market, you can be sure that you’re getting the best price available.

Flexible procurement helps reduce premiums across both commodity and non-commodity costs. Although fixed-price contracts give you budget certainty, the contract price has a risk premium built in to protect suppliers from unexpected market movements.

Flexible purchasing means that you can buy energy over a longer period and have more opportunity to benefit from bearish markets. You don’t need to lock high prices in for a lengthy period. Instead, you can purchase energy in smaller tranches and spread the risk throughout the year.

Plan for — rather than react to — changes in markets

An effective risk management strategy can help protect your organisation from poor decision-making. A risk management strategy defines the level of risk your organisation is comfortable with, helping you make informed decisions within agreed risk parameters.

Benefits of this approach include:

  • Total transparency of all contract costs
  • Avoid large risk premiums built into fixed price contracts to protect suppliers
  • Opportunity to take advantage of favourable markets when purchasing over a longer period

Moulding clear savings for Perspex International

By assessing wholesale market conditions, we were able to deliver a risk management strategy which resulted in significant year-on-year savings for electricity and gas.

Talk to an expert

Working with a specialist energy procurement advisor helps reduce the risk of flexible purchasing, especially when they have full visibility of the wholesale market.

Daniel Turvey
Director: Risk

“Flexible procurement can be incredibly beneficial to any organisation, but it is also complicated to manage a strategy. Flexible buyers may need to make several vital procurement decisions each year, and prices can go up or down, driven by a plethora of gloabl market fundamentals. Working with an expert with full visibility of the market can mitigate that complication and risk.”

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