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Deliver real change with our Carbon Action Programme

How do you go about developing your organisation’s net-zero plan, and how do you use your climate ambitions to deliver real change?

In June 2019, the UK became world leaders as the first major economy to pass a net-zero emissions law. Many others have made an environmental pledge, and there are now over 110 countries that have committed to bringing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to net-zero by 2050.

As pressure mounts on the UK to deliver on its promise, so does pressure on industry. More and more organisations are announcing their own climate ambitions and setting targets which support our transition to carbon neutrality. But how do you go about developing your organisation’s net-zero plan, and how do you use your climate ambitions to deliver real change?

Supporting your journey to net-zero

As businesses have become more focused on the need to drive down their greenhouse gas emissions, we’ve developed our Carbon Action Programme to help you get to net-zero and beyond. Our four-part plan looks to ‘Understand, Plan, Do & Review’, giving you an actionable plan that aligns with your long-term goals.

Our Carbon Action Programme

  • Understand

A successful net-zero strategy is built on a robust carbon footprint. Therefore, it’s imperative that you have accurate and reliable emissions data that can stand up to scrutiny from the offset. We measure your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, supporting you with data collection to establish your baseline. We then facilitate stakeholder consultation workshops to understand your ambitions.​

  • Plan

Through in-depth site surveys, transport reviews and desktop analysis, our energy and carbon experts will assess the options specifically applicable to your business, and model your future energy emissions. These options will be factored into your bespoke net-zero strategy and decarbonisation targets.  And we strongly encourage setting Science Based Targets to demonstrate a meaningful commitment. ​

  • Do

We supply a wide range of energy and carbon reduction solutions. So, whether it’s energy auditing, procurement of green energy and carbon offsets, behavioural change training, improved metering, solar PV, battery storage, or electric vehicle solutions, we can help you facilitate these projects.​

  • Review

To ensure you’re hitting your milestones and taking any corrective action that may be needed, we provide all you need to track progress effectively through quarterly updates, annual carbon balance sheet including performance vs. targets, and annual net-zero strategy reviews. We’ll also deliver all the reporting that you require for SECR and ESOS as well as voluntary schemes such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The importance of Science Based Targets

A Science Based Target (SBT) is a target that is aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement. When developing a net-zero strategy, businesses who want to drive real change will need to think carefully about target-setting – and we would strongly encourage that you use an SBT. A net-zero strategy that follows an SBT is the best way to demonstrate that your organisation is contributing to global emissions reductions in a robust way.

Why choose Inspired?

The conversation surrounding sustainability is getting louder, but we understand that not all of it is clear. And while business leaders may understand the problem, not everyone knows how best to tackle it. As the UK’s leading utilities consultancy1, we have the experience needed to support your carbon reduction ambitions. Our expertise and broad service offering mean we can support your net-zero journey from development right through to implementation and review.  Find out more about how our Carbon Action Programme can help you make a real difference.

[1] Rated number 1 TPI in the UK in the I&C Index Ranking annually since 2018 – Cornwall Insight