The current climate change challenges facing UK businesses are vast and there has never been a substantive independent solutions provider to support them.

Inspired PLC is changing that.

We operate three divisions; Inspired Energy Solutions, Inspired ESG Solutions and Inspired Software. We provide expert energy advisory and sustainability services to over 2,900 UK businesses, which represent c.6.5% of the UK’s expenditure on electricity, and over 600 businesses in the Republic of Ireland (ROI).

UK businesses spend £17.7bn on energy each year. This is one of a business’ largest indirect spends. We provide expert insights and consultancy services to businesses to allow them to optimise their energy cost equation.

There are two sides to a businesses’ energy cost equation; the ‘price’ side and the ‘consumption’ side. We help them optimise both.

On the price side of the cost equation, we provide businesses’ assurance that they are:

  1. 1. Buying their energy professionally
  2. 2. Accounting for their energy correctly
  3. 3. Complying with their legal obligations

On the consumption side of the cost equation, we support businesses’ to optimise their energy usage through:

  1. 1. Reducing their energy consumption
  2. 2. Increasing their energy efficiency
  3. 3. Delivering their net zero and ESG objectives