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Forensic energy cost audits

Recover what is rightfully yours from historical billing errors

With a widening range of non-commodity costs now taking up a large portion of your utility bills, it can be time-consuming and confusing to effectively recognise whether you are being billed correctly.  

There are several reasons for incorrect charges and billing errors, including incorrect meter readings, third-party charges, change of tenancies and supply contracts being applied incorrectly to name a few.  

An in-depth review of your bills

A forensic energy cost audit will ensure you are being accurately billed, and that any errors can be identified and recovered on your behalf. 

Our analysts will carry out an in-depth analysis of all of your invoices to identify all cost recovery opportunities, ongoing savings and undercharges.

We will then handle all refunds from suppliers and third parties on your behalf. Refund opportunities can be pursued in line with the statute of limitations, which allows historical recovery of errors for up to six years previous.

No risk – all gain

There are no upfront fee associated with an audit so there’s no risk to you – if we don’t find anything, there is no cost. 

Our audit service is:

  • Self-funding and zero risk 
  • Available via a PCR compliant framework 
  • A worthwhile due diligence exercise giving you a clean bill of health
  • No impact to your workload 

No other audit service looks deeper into your operating expenses, recovering more, straight from your bottom line. In fact, 85% of our recoveries are from second or third pass audits, where one or two other consultancies have already reviewed a client’s billing data.  

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