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COP28 Insights Hub

Welcome to the COP28 Insights Hub

COP28 is now over- what are your next steps?

From Thursday 30th November – Tuesday 12th December 2023, Dubai in United Arab Emirates hosted COP28 – the United Nations’ 28th annual global climate change conference.

Decisions made by world leaders during COP impact not only how we as energy and sustainability leaders manage our business operations, but more importantly how society adapts to a changing environment.  

As with any highly publicised global event, the Climate COPs attract a lot of coverage with conflicting views and biases. This means it can be hard to know what changes from the conference will impact businesses and non-profit organisations here in the UK.

Inspired is here to help.

We have shared the most impactful insights of this year’s conference for you to review, reference and digest at your convenience. Here are the main themes discussed:

Your Essential Guide to COP28

What is COP and why is it important? What happened at last year’s conference and what can organisations expect at COP28?          

Find out the answers to all these questions in our dedicated guide. We’ve got COP28 covered; download your free copy today.

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Ultimate guide to buying energy

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Our COP insights

A landmark deal, or smoke and mirrors? The lows and highs of COP28
Inspired PLC - COP28

A landmark deal, or smoke and mirrors? The lows and highs of COP28

After controversy, collaboration and hundreds of column inches, the annual COP conference has concluded. Georgina Penfold, Inspired’s Group Strategy …
How to build a sustainable corporate travel policy and cut carbon
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How to build a sustainable corporate travel policy and cut carbon

Sustainable business travel is seen as a key solution to achieving the UK’s decarbonisation targets….
Energy efficiency: The key to building a net-zero economy
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Energy efficiency: The key to building a net-zero economy

How can the targets set out in the Paris Agreement be achieved if the world continues to utilise fossil fuels at the current rate?…

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Georgina Penfold

“The annual Climate Conferences are an opportunity to reflect on our action to address the global challenge of Climate Change and to take stock of progress. Progress that we making in our organisations to tackle decarbonisation of our buildings and processes, and progress we are making as a nation towards the obligations we took on under the Paris Agreement.

These conversations are critical.

As the UK’s leading commercial energy and sustainability advisor, we support our clients to have informed conversations internally and externally, and to take the next step .

With knowledge, comes empowerment.

Georgina Penfold 
Group Strategy and Communications Director, Inspired PLC 

“The climate crisis is a life-threatening complex issue that demands collaboration between world leaders, governments, businesses, and society to mitigate the effects on people and the planet. Events like COP28 are pivotal in bringing countries together and moving us closer to achieving the targets set out in the Paris Agreement.

Businesses will play a crucial role in helping the UK achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. We are committed to doing our part, supporting businesses in reaching their decarbonisation goals, through effective management of energy costs, diligent measurement of scope one, two and three emissions and the delivery of projects that remove carbon from society.”

Mark Dickinson
CEO, Inspired PLC 
Mark Dickinson

Build your net-zero plan

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Whether you’ve already crafted your plan, or you’re not sure where to start, try out our Net-Zero Plan Builder to find out how your business compares to your competitors when it comes to net-zero. We’ll even send you a personalised report with practical next steps for improving your approach to net-zero!


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