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Carbon management software

Real-time data on UK power generation mix and carbon intensity, free for Inspired clients.

Making sure your organisation is on track to meet your targets and reporting obligations can be a challenge, particularly if you have multiple sites.

Producing a solid carbon reduction strategy is the first step towards cutting emissions, but collating the up-to-date information needed for reports can be a challenge.  

Carbon Intensity Report

Our Carbon Intensity Report gives your organisation half-hourly UK generation mix and carbon intensity data. The report’s detail-rich and easy to understand graphs and tables make it easier to drill down into the data at national and regional level.  

By offering this report free to all Inspired clients, we aim to drive interest and engagement in national and regional decarbonisation efforts.   

Half-hourly data tells a story and gives context to conversations around net zero, sustainability and climate change. It helps reveal the potential opportunities and drawbacks of renewable power, which can supply over 70% of the UK’s electricity in the right conditions, but can also fall off significantly on overcast, windless days.  

The report also includes a five-day carbon intensity forecast, which includes useful temperature data with low, normal and high reference trends based on historic data. 

Available through our UNIFY client portal

Our Carbon Intensity Report is available to Inspired clients through our UNIFY client portal, where you can access an ever-expanding set of energy management applications all in one place.  

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