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Cutting the carbon jargon whitepaper

Carbon jargon is causing confusion amongst energy professionals.

As we strive to work towards our net-zero emissions by 2050 target, it’s more important than ever for UK businesses to focus on becoming more sustainable - but is carbon jargon preventing progress?

Inspired carried out independent research, surveying over 100 energy managers from businesses across the UK to find out how ‘carbon jargon’ is affecting businesses’ net-zero efforts.

We found that:

  • just 53% of energy managers fully understand the term ‘net-zero’
  • two-thirds of energy professionals are confused by the sheer amount of jargon around carbon reduction
  • ‘net-zero’ is in danger of becoming a meaningless statement unless there’s greater consistency in approach and measurement

"Meaningful corporate sustainability action can only be achieved by providing organisations with a clear roadmap to net-zero, underpinned by a consistent framework within which to develop, measure and progress emissions."

Dr Grant Wilson, Lecturer & Energy Informatics Group Lead, University of Birmingham

To find out more about how carbon jargon is preventing carbon reduction progress, including key insight from the Major Energy Users Council (MEUC) and the University of Birmingham’s Dr Grant Wilson, download the full report.