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Leak detection and conservation

Three billion litres of water is wasted via unmanaged leaks every day in the UK. Don’t pour your money down the drain.

A burst pipe losing 1,500 litres per hour could cost more than £40,000 per year. If your business isn’t looking out for leaks, you may not even know there’s anything wrong until an exceptionally high water bill arrives. Without adequate monitoring, underground leaks can go undetected for longer periods.

To mitigate the threat, it’s worth having an expert partner on hand to fix leaks fast.

Water leak detection and repair service

Our water leak detection and repair service bring these risks and your costs back under control. Using specialist equipment, our team of experts quickly identifies and repairs leaks, minimising damage to your assets and saving you money in the short and the long term.

By installing data loggers in critical places on-site, our experienced engineers can identify, locate and fix any water leaks quickly and with minimal disruption. We’ll use non-invasive technology to locate the leak and can complete most minor repairs on the same day. If we find a more serious issue, we can plan and implement a repair that fits around your service agreement.

Metering solution

Our metering solution and unique software algorithms can spot anomalies and unearth hidden issues very quickly. Our leak detection solution helped a major UK holiday park save £259,000 and 78,000 cubic metres of water per annum – that’s the equivalent of 31 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Our Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)-qualified engineers can undertake a site visit to ascertain and remedy any water leaks. We can also support with the provision of water conservation and reduction projects and ongoing management.

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We have a proven track record with over 200 water management clients, enabling excellent supplier relationships for improved query resolution.


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