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I collate and process financial data from our clients’ supplier invoices within the last 12 months in preparation for further data analysis.

I only joined Inspired six months ago, but I’m looking forward to exploring different types of projects and the wider realm of sustainability through the water team in the future. 

Collaborating with my team members and learning from their experiences within the industry, so I can embed what I have learned into my own role.  

My colleagues have really welcomed me to the team, and they have been very supportive of me as I learn more about the industry. I look forward to meeting more of my Inspired colleagues when I visit the office. 

I wanted to work with environmental matters. I’m currently doing a part-time master’s degree in Environment and Development at the University of Leeds and will be graduating later this year. 

As I’m at the start of my career, I aspire to explore environmental sustainability further and through this role, I hope to support the sustainable use of natural resources.  

There are always opportunities to explore sustainability within all business ventures, they might just not present themselves initially. 

I enjoy going to classes at the gym (spinning and Pilates at the minute!), going out for food with friends and family and travelling abroad. My dream destination would be either Southeast Asia or New Zealand. 

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