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My role is very varied. I analyse client water usage and create reports on them. I also do sales work and pricing for our water AMR solutions (Data Logger and Remote Meter Readers) and leak detection services. Following leak detection work I make refund claims (this is known as leak allowance). You can also find me refining team processes or researching and analysing new legislations in the water industry. 

The investigation work and problem-solving! One of the past tasks I’ve enjoyed the most was researching and writing a 40,000-word options analysis for a valued client covering their possibilities for engaging with the open water market. Sadly, I found this very exciting, it felt like writing a dissertation! 

I’ve always loved organising things, investigating issues and solving problems, so project management seemed like a good fit! I’ve worked in record stores, the FM industry, marketing, and global entity management. The water industry is one that I fell into, but love. 

I previously worked at ECM/Inspired for six years and re-joined the company in the siteworks team in September 2022. 

Be curious and ask all the questions; it might just open the door to an exciting new idea! 

I love to go for hikes, painting, and reading. I’m also currently completing a Psychology degree part-time with the Open University, so a lot of my evenings are spent writing essays! 

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