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A day in the life

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Within my team I have:  

  • Learning and Development, who look after System and Professional Skills Training,  
  • Sugar, Energy Manager and NAV experts who look after quality, training and development projects.   
  • Post Room, who look after post, debt and disconnections and various internal communications.  
  • Reporting specialists who look after multiple reports utilised across the business. 
  • I also look after the Mumbai Operations.  

Due to our function being across multiple operational departments and systems, my remit is extremely varied and no day tends to be the same, but some of the regular work I carry out is Financial Reporting for the Board of Directors, Projects in regard to Process Improvement across existing systems and new developments, Excel assistance and Training, as well as Lean Six Sigma activity, in which I am a certified Master Black Belt. 

I always say I am extremely fortunate in that I love my job. I picked a career that worked for me as a person and one in which I could evolve my career. My team are fantastic to work with and we have built a strong team spirit since we came together in July 2023. I love working with people and as a team leader, I enjoy working together to achieve a common goal. I also love teaching Lean Six Sigma, as I truly believe in the value of Continuous Improvement of systems and processes, fixing root cause and establishing standardisation. 

I accidentally fell into the industry, but I have remained in it for 21 years nowI started out working for British Gas, as a Business Analyst in Domestic Prepayment, where I assisted with the roll out of SAP Billing System, taking me to Mumbai for six months, to outsource backoffice activity and quality controlI had previous experience in SAP whilst working for WHSmith News, so while I didn’t seek to work in this industry, this technical experience led me to where I am now.  

At any point you have the power to change the outcome of your life. You are not stuck with your thoughts and beliefs. Neuroplasticity means that our brain can adapt and change with new experiences. The catch? We must be the one to put ourselves into those situations where we can change in the first place. The brain is rarely ever going to WANT you to leap into the unknown, it goes against its desire to keep you safe. To change, do things before you are ready. In other words, you do the doing and the brain will catch up. 

I am a mum to four boys aged between 19 and 5 years old, they keep me busy a lot of the time, but when I do have spare time, I am constantly doing something, whether that be reading, crafting or art. I have had drawings exhibited in Manchester Whitworth Art Gallery and have just been asked to publish limited edition prints of some of my more recent artworkI am also in the process of illustrating a children’s book, that I wrote when my 11-year-old was a toddler, so that one is taking a little while to completeBecause I have a very full and hectic life, I like to take time out to meditate and ground myself, ready to start a new day with focus and clarity. 

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