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As the senior water account manager for Inspired, my role involves managing key clients and all their issues relating to every aspect of their water, so I am a bit of a hub for clients and colleagues alike! 

Issues I deal with can be diverse and range from obtaining refunds back from a supplier for incorrect charges to correcting shared water supplies, meter installations, arranging leak detection and repairs to setting up a trade effluent consent. I would say being tenacious is a prerequisite in my role especially when trying to obtain monies back. 

I am fortunate to manage some wonderful clients. You never know what issues may occur thus making the day-to-day work varied but you can guarantee there is always plenty to do, as some clients have hundreds of sites. You need to be extremely organised! Understanding water in depth (Pardon the pun!) certainly comes with experience and there is always something new to learn. Every day is a school day in the water industry. 

I was looking for a local job that would be varied, interesting and challenging and not really knowing much about water other than it came out of a tap, when I saw a job advertised to learn water implementation I successfully applied, and the rest is history!  

“Life is not a dress rehearsal so make the most of every day and do not put anything off that you want to do, just go for it! 

Gosh, I have certainly done a lot of things in my life both personally and professionally but life experiences, good or bad, make people interesting. 

I grew up in Croydon and my career started off in banking, although I had always wanted to be in entertainment. I led a bit of a double life for a while as I trained as a singer/actress and eventually left banking, got my equity card, and went off to work six months in Majorca as a singer, entertaining more than a thousand people a night. 

When I returned, I was fortunate to also do some small parts on television and I got to sing with a big band before starting a family. 

Never one to do things by half, I had two boys and my third pregnancy turned out to be triplet girls. At the time, my then husband was a school boarding Master, and I was the housemistress with thirty-six boys in the house – Yes, crazy times! The most important thing to me in life is my children and grandchildren, I am incredibly blessed and proud of them all. 

When the children were young, I did a bit of work with BBC radio Cambridgeshire and then got the chance to have a mid-morning light entertainment show in Peterborough and did that for a couple of years before the radio station ceased. 

I then moved into the water industry and thirteen years on, I am still here. 

In my spare time I love needle felting, reading, Sudoku and long walks and listening to music. 

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