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A day in the life

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As part of the leaning and development team my primary role is to deliver the plethora of ‘professional skills’ training courses available to all Inspired staff. In addition, I process training requests daily. I also work on developing new courses to expand those on offer in the course catalogue. 

I am a people person, so this role gives me the opportunity to meet people from all areas of the business regularly and build rapport with individuals as they attend more and more courses.  

As well as delivering to current staff I also really enjoy delivering training to new starters in the hope I can help them in the initial stages of settling down in their new role and expanding their skill set in an upbeat, positive way. Every day is different, and I find that fresh and exciting.  

There are two courses I especially love to deliver: Firstly, the Excel Basics as it was the first course I ever delivered. It’s 100% interactive and even though most people know of Excel, it’s always great to see that ‘well I never’-moment when you show delegates something they didn’t know the application could do. I also like the ‘Team Working’-course, I love working as part of a team, so I have a real connection with the content. The session is quite interactive and there are several activities the delegates always enjoy, and I enjoy taking part right alongside them. 

Many years ago (1995) I graduated with a dramarelated degree so have always very comfortable ‘performing’ in front of others. My first job, post university, was at British Telecom in the business billing department (a natural step considering my degree!). After some time, I was offered the opportunity to train as a trainer so jumped at the chance as it allowed me to interact with people and use my industry knowledge and my skills at to help others. I jokingly refer to it as ‘corporate performance, so I felt I was utilising my job experience and my degree 😊 

It’s a bit of a predictable one but I would say ‘be yourself’. I have always tried in life, personally and professionally, to be myself and let my personality shine through always trying to look at things from a positive perspective whatever curveballs life throws at you.  

I live in a small village just outside of Wigan, an area where I was born and bred. I love to socialise but am also very happy in my own company. When out with others I am notorious for jumping on the stage and sniffing out a microphone at the mere mention of the word ‘karaoke’ (I’m not even exaggerating).

When at home on my own I can settle in front of the TV and watch box set after box set or listen to records on my newly restored hi-fi set up. I love Sci-Fi, Musicals, Comics, and collecting action figures. My house is a cross between Blockbuster video, HMV, and Toys R Us. 

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