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A day in the life

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I’m an optimisation manager and a team lead, supporting five engineers with their workload management.

My day-to-day focus in 2023 and continuing into the first half of 2024 has been on the delivery of ESOS compliance for over 300 clients across the optimisation team.

Another key aspect of my role is ensuring an active pipeline of opportunities to reduce clients' energy is pursued, together with monitoring any levy exemption compliance and further opportunities.  

As an optimisation manager I can help clients by identifying opportunities to reduce their consumption. Variety is important in an optimisation role and there are many areas to work in, including legislation & compliance, arranging energy surveys and talking to clients about their energy issues.  

I find new hardware testing particularly interesting. This is an exciting time for developing technical solutions, such as circuit level monitoring. This involves fitting sensors that measure energy ‘within’ a building (lights, heating, air conditioning), providing real-time data that goes far deeper than a site meter can. 

Having worked as an energy manager at two breweries and a hospital, I can see the value in effective energy management.  

Coming from this background also means I’m keen in our development of real-time energy monitoring solutions. At the start of my energy career, I spent every Friday morning taking 178 meter readings with a clipboard in hand, entered these in a spreadsheet, and doing some basic analysis. Fast forward to today and we provide clients with data every minute, giving them analysis right to their desktop. I wish I had this 20 years ago!  

Working in energy and utility management in food manufacturing and healthcare environments for 13 years gives me the insight to see the challenges of a client from an operational perspective. These insights are invaluable in bolstering client relations and can help identify opportunities through a common understanding of challenges. 

A senior manager once advised me it’s better to talk to someone to get the best understanding of their needs, rather than to use email or messaging. Ironically this advice came in an email! 

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not related to anyone at Inspired! 

I grew up in East Lancashire, and now live south of Preston. I’ve spent more than half of my working life in factories, completing an engineering apprenticeship with Rolls Royce Aerospace. Before joining Inspired I was the energy manager at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals, taking on the role  during lockdown. I’m not sure what my decision-making logic was there! 

I’m motivated by cold, sunny mornings, great coffee and bike rides. My current goal is to upgrade from my touring caravan to a motorhome, so I can enjoy my coffee while looking at a great view. 

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