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Hi, I’m Kirsty, a Senior Compliance Administrator. I joined the Inspired PLC group through the Digital Energy acquisition in March 2022. My team focuses on Building Energy Compliance, specifically the statutory requirements of Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Recommendation Reports (RRs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).  

So, if any Inspired clients need any of the above (even if they don’t realise it yet!), we are the team to contact. We deliver the whole building compliance service from start to finish, directly liaising with the clients. We are also keen to educate anyone who will listen about the statutory requirements and process of these compliance documents! 

My day is usually filled with discussing the regulations around DECs, RRs and EPCs with clients, checking the DEC status of buildings on the government database and creating proposals tailored to the client’s needs. Once a client has accepted a proposal, I then request the required energy data and documentation from the relevant sources.  

At this stage, I pass the process onto my team of colleagues Erica, Linda or Charlotte to follow up with clients and prepare everything for the assessors to conduct a site visit or lodge the certificates. Our in-house assessors, Jonathan and Steve, lodge most of the DECs, RRs and EPCs. Occasionally, I may need to support them in their role by verifying some evidence with clients or contacting about site visits. And that’s our team, all under the guidance and watchful eye of our Director, Duncan Banks.  

Communication with people, helping people solve a problem and knowing what we are doing is helping to protect the world for future generations. I work remotely, as do all our team, but despite only seeing each other on screen most of the time, we are close. We make each other smile and laugh, we talk about our lives and families, and it feels like we are not just colleagues, but friends. Work is enjoyable because of the people I share it with.  

My husband, Jon. He worked for Digital Energy as one of their Energy Assessors and Low Carbon Consultants. After I had our second child, I decided to give up my role as a Primary School Teacher to bring up our children. In 2016, I was getting restless and felt I needed something other than CBeebies, play groups and school runs, so I was invited to join the admin team at Digital Energy for just eight hours a week, doing research for potential sales and initial contact emails to potential clients

I am just one of those people who needs to know as much as I can about the field that I am working in, so I learnt a lot about regulations and processes for DECs, RRs and EPCs from my husband. I have no fear in asking questions! My hours and roles have gradually increased with experience and knowledge, and the rest, as they say, is history.  

Previously a primary school teacher for 12 years, I graduated with BA (Hons) with Qualified Teacher Status in 2002 and went on to gain my Master’s degree in ‘Leadership and Management in Education’, in 2008. I am also a qualified dance teacher with the International Dance Teachers Association, with three associate degrees and a diploma, but it has been many years now since I last taught dance classes. As you can see, I have a passion for teaching, and taking people on the wonderful journey of learning something new!  

I am also a happily married mother of two children, Toby and Libby, and our little Shichon dog, Flossy. I believe in family and community. I love reading action and adventure novels and exploring the UK with my family in our little touring caravan. My family is my love, my life, my world. 

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