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A day in the life

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I write anything from video scripts to blog posts and edit pieces other people have contributed their industry expertise into to make them accessible and succinct. If I’m not writing, I’m proofreading. I work with words, basically!

Honestly, I love everything about it! I learn something new every day while collaborating with my colleagues across Inspired about their area of expertise. I could be learning about water tariffs one minute and digging into the finer details of cost recovery audits the next. I love the process of turning information into a piece of writing, it’s like moulding a blob of clay into a statue. 

I want to make everything I write accessible to everyone. Sometimes when things like energy efficiency programmes have been around long enough, people are expected to just know how they work.  

Too often we mislabel not knowing something as incompetence in our minds. Knowing everything about transmission charges doesn’t mean you’re a waste management expert, and I think that’s wonderful. When we value each other’s knowledge, we never stop learning. Acting as a conduit for expert information is endlessly rewarding. 

I write because I’ve never wanted to do anything else. Writing about utilities and sustainability was a case of ‘right place, right time’: I was recovering from an illness and thought I had lost my chance of writing professionally again. I may not have considered this industry had my circumstances been different, but Im grateful it worked out this way. I’d do it all over again. 

My secondary school teacher told us: If you know how to write well, you will always have a job.”

This is so true because every job requires writing, from emails to social media posts. 

I give boring answers when asked about hobbies because I write and read for both living and fun. I’m also a keen walker and clearly have a short memory when it comes to sore feet, having completed the 40-mile Keswick to Barrow walk three times. 

I’m a journalist by trade and this seeps into my habit to ask endless questions. To the surprise of no-one, I’m obsessed with how things are worded and get upset by stuff nobody else cares about. I rant about unclearly worded instructions, sneakily wipe unnecessary apostrophes off pub blackboards and keep asking “but what does it mean?” long after others have lost interest.  

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