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I am a Client Services Director in the Estate Intensive Team, managing a team of 11 Account Managers. I specialise in the management of multi-site strategic clients and my role centres around working alongside each Account Manager to ensure we are building long-term strategic relationships with clients, supporting retention and growth within the division.  

My role also allows me to mentor and train any new Account Managers within the team and support the existing team with their continued growth. I addition to this I continue to Account Manage my own small portfolio of clients, as I feel doing the job myself aids my ability to support others within the team.  

  Working with my team. I am incredibly lucky to work with the most amazing team of Account Managers and I couldn’t be prouder of the work they have done and continue to do. There really are some wonderful people at Inspired! 

 I entered the energy industry bright-eyed and bushy-tailed straight out of university as an admin assistant. I’ll be honest, I fell into the energy industry! 15 years later, here I still am and proud that I have built a career in a dynamic and exciting industry. 


“Never go to bed with your make up on!” 

“Self-care is the best care.” 

A Lancashire girl born and bred, I went to Lancaster University where I obtained a degree in Geography and hosted my own radio show on the University radio station, Bailrigg FM.  


I now live in Blackpool with my partner, stepdaughter and golden retriever. A woman of simple pleasures, in my spare time I enjoy walks on the beach with my dog, interior design and I am currently in training for the Great North Run in September. I have also been known to partake in the odd bit of Karaoke (with very little encouragement needed), for those wondering, Celine Dion being my artist of choice! 


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